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Did you know that:

According to the WET WEGVERVOER GOEDEREN (road transport of goods act) all companies who are getting paid for transportation services within the Europese Economische Ruimte (EER) which includes the transportation of balikbayan boxes by using vehicles with a registered payload of more than 500 kg each which RIBEX does must have for each vehicle a licence called communautaire vergunning also called EUROVERGUNNING.

To get that Eurovergunning you need to get first a licence called GETUIGSCHRIFT VAKBEKWAAMHEID GOEDERENVERVOER OVER DE WEG which means something like ROAD FREIGHT TRANSPORT CERTIFICATE. To get that certificate you have to study hard, both at home and at school and you must pass for SIX exams in total. Only after getting that certificate you can start to apply for the necessary needed Eurovergunning but that GETUIGSCHRIFT VAKBEKWAAMHEID GOEDERENVERVOER will not guarantee you automatically for getting any Eurovergunning at all. Beside the fact that you have to show that GETUIGSCHRIFT to NIWO, which is the issuing authority of your so badly needed Eurovergunning, NIWO also need a Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag (VOG) / Statement of Conduct issued by JUSTIS which is the screeningauthority of the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security, a recent statement of risk-bearing capital which statement must be issued by a registered accountant affiliated with an umbrella organization such as NBA, NOAB or RB and last but not least the company is obliged to have at least one vehicle with a registered payload of more than 500 kg and registered in their name.

The Eurovergunning is needed in all of the countries where your company is active so not only in the Netherlands. Operating without Eurovergunning can result in a huge fine of at least € 3.400,00 (first offence) when you get checked / stopped by the authorities such as police, customs, ILT (Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport), because not having that neccesary vergunning will be “seen” as a economic crime. Those authorities even has the right to clamp vehicles (aan de ketting leggen) as long you are not in the possession of the Eurovergunning. Inspections will be at a random basis, anytime and anywhere.

Of course it speaks for itself that:

RIBEX International do not want to take any risk to get anywhere “stranded” with your precious goods and has for all vehicles an Eurovergunning.

RIBEX International not only have drivers in their service with the minimum required category B driving licence but if needed also equipment and drivers for driving licence categories C/E with code 95.

RIBEX International is a fully licenced company registered at the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) in the Philippines and at NIWO, the road organization for national and international transport.